BK8VNS is an online betting brand that surely any bettor has heard. The house is currently rated as the top quality playground in the online betting village. Please follow the following article to better understand the reputable house as well as the quality of services here.

1.Brand overview BK8VNS

Officially launched the online betting market in 2012, under the license of First Cagayan entertainment joint stock company of the Philippines, BK8 house is confident with its legitimacy. With more than 10 years of experience in this field, this bookie has made a good mark in the hearts of all players.

With the operating motto of creating a transparent and interesting playground, the house is not improving the service quality and improving the game store. Coming to this market leading playground, you will experience betting at a massive game store from many leading providers. Thanks to that, the house has won the trust and love of all customers.

2.Excellent advantages owned by BK8VNS

Let’s find out what are the strengths that this reputable house has grown so quickly and attracts such a large number of players.

The house has outstanding strengths that attract a large number of players

2.1 Invest in a friendly interface

The combination of colors and the website interface design of the house is extremely impressive. The delicate and skillful blend of yellow, white, purple and blue colors does not distract the eyes but creates a pleasant, impressive and comfortable feeling for the participants.

Along with that, each banner and each image is meticulously and carefully designed. The games and table of contents are scientifically and logically distributed, making it easy for players to use.

2.2 Rich betting game store

You can find all the best betting games at BK8VNS. From sports betting to today’s most popular casino games. Especially, the gameplay is simple and the payout ratio is also very high, so the house has a lot of options.

2.3 The security system is quite tight

The house is heavily invested in an information security system to ensure absolute confidentiality of players’ information and transactions when betting here.

Screenshot 1 2

The house is heavily invested in the information security system

2.4Many promotions and attractive offers every day, every month

There are countless great rewards for new players, valuable birthday gifts… Every game, every match is given to the players by the house with the best rewards. Special offers are both a gift, stimulus and also a gratitude that the house wants to give to all players.

2.5 Convenient and fast deposit and withdrawal transactions

The economic potential of the house BK8VNS is huge. As a sponsor of many big clubs in the world and the main partner of the Spanish football federation, players can rest assured to participate in betting at this bookie.

2.6Professional support and advice

You can chat directly with a consultant on the website or contact us through various channels such as zalo, email, hotline, etc. to receive the most dedicated support. This team can advise in both English and Vietnamese.

3. Detailed instructions on how to register to participate at BK8VNS

To help new players not be surprised how to register BK8. We will provide specific instructions so that players can easily create an account at the house. Simple steps include:

Screenshot 2 2

Specific instructions for players to easily create an account at the house

Step 1: Find the link to the official bookie

It is a famous and reputable bookie known by everyone. However, many people rely on their breath and take advantage of the trust of players, so they have set up fake websites. Therefore, players should not choose the unofficial website address of the house, but go directly to their official house to register. The dealer’s link will be updated regularly on their website.

Step 2: Register

Once on the official registration link, players will see on the web interface a “Register” section located on the right corner of the screen. Click on it to start registering your account. Become an official member of this prestigious and classy house.

Step 3: Enter information in the form requested by the bookie BK8VNS

When entering the registration section, a tab containing information will appear for players to enter login information. The information provided to the bookie is the most basic information and will be kept confidential by the house, not shared with any 3rd party.

Username: Choose any alphanumeric username as long as the username does not coincide with another player.

Password: The password will be alphanumeric with 8 characters or more. Choose a password that is easy to remember but difficult to log in with others. Passwords are highly secure and are not shared with others.

Name: Full name listed on CCCD.

Phone number: Enter your current and most frequently used phone number.

Email address: The email address needs to be correct because the bookie will send a confirmation code to this email address.

Verification code: The code will appear in the box to get the code you just need to fill in to confirm.

Note: Subscribers at This bookie must be over 18 years old to be legal, check the box to agree with the registration conditions.

Step 4: Confirm registration

After pressing the register button, the player waits for a successful registration confirmation email from the dealer. Please check the EMAIL to confirm the account as required by the bookie. Thus, the registration steps have been completed. You can now log in and play betting on the bookie’s system.

The above are the strengths of a leading reputable bookmaker that few companies can do like BK8VNS. Register today to experience the top betting game store at this bookie!

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