Each person has their own idea of ​​an ideal home. That is why it is so difficult to find the right project even among the 2,600 that are in our database. However, finding a project that meets your requirements is actually not difficult, you just need to organize your search in the right way

So, we usually choose a house based on its appearance. Someone likes simple, laconic forms, someone, on the contrary, it is important that the future house impresses with a variety of details and the complexity of the form, while others need avant-garde architecture. Having bookmarked the illustrations of the projects we like, we proceed to the study of planning solutions, as well as construction materials and technologies.

For example, we need a house with two floors and an attic, with a number of bedrooms upstairs, a free floor plan and a built-in garage. Besides, we are going to build with bricks. It is not surprising that among the projects of brick cottages there will be at best one that meets these criteria. And the fact that the choice has narrowed down so much makes us very unhappy. And the reason is not that you have difficult requests, but that you have gone down the wrong path from the very beginning. Because the search for a project must begin with a planning decision!

Planning decision

Of course, you know that it is planning that ultimately ensures the convenience of living in a house. And our architects have developed a lot of planning solutions. It will not be difficult to find at least a dozen plans that meet the composition of your family, lifestyle and all aesthetic and functional requirements. At the same time, do not limit your search only to brick or aerated concrete houses. Because they are practically the same in terms of their operational qualities, and if it is essential for you that the facade of the house be brick, decorative facade materials imitating masonry will always come to your aid.

Now let’s start studying the appearance. And here a small discovery awaits you: almost all the houses selected by you according to the planning criteria will be similar to each other! After all, the plan of the house is always interconnected with its architecture.

However, now taste preferences come into their own, which do not allow us to shout “eureka!” One project did not like the dormers (roughly speaking, protruding from the roof of the window). In the rest, the bay anlin windows is polygonal, but I want more brevity. In the third, the color of the facade is somewhat strange. In the fourth, the entrance is not from the side where it will be convenient due to the location on the plot, etc.

These are just details

And yet, these are only details that can be easily adjusted by making small changes to the project, and sometimes simply by choosing other materials. They come out of the category of trifles only in the case when changes are really needed to such an extent that it is tantamount to a new design. But, let’s repeat, the variety of projects is so great that the need for large-scale changes is unlikely to arise.

It does not require a significant change to the construction drawings, first of all, the exterior finish. For example, the currently favorite half-timbered imitation is an overlay decor, which can be technologically implemented for almost any facade (the issue of harmony of the architectural appearance of the building is much more important here). We have already mentioned a simple way of obtaining a brick facade for an aerated concrete house (and it is also acceptable for a wooden one!). To achieve the desired effect, rather heavy finishing materials are used: facing brick, artificial stone. Their use will not even require a recalculation of the load on the foundation, since almost all of our projects include construction on a monolithic foundation, which allows for an increase in the load. The only necessary change is to increase the perimeter of the plate by the thickness of the finishing material.

If the house of your dreams has a veranda (and there is only a porch in the project), an attached winter garden or a swimming pool, then it will be necessary to design this extension itself, harmoniously coordinating it with the house, and in the project of the house, make only an opening that will connect it with the extension .


In general, everything related to additional openings for windows and doors or, on the contrary, the rejection of some of them (for example, if you need it on the facade that will face the street), is solved in an elementary way. The only thing to consider is if you take out any windows, how will the room get daylight? Skylights installed in the roof can help in this case.

In many cases, it is not difficult to increase the glazing area of ​​the facade, but it makes sense to do it if you are not suitable for projects in the architecture of which a large area of ​​glazing is already included.

Harmonious correspondence of transformations

The issue of harmonious compliance of the desired transformations with the architecture of the house, which is created by many elements, is one of the most important. It is better to trust the advice of the designer. For example, it is easy to change the shape of a bay window, but the main thing is that it does not spoil the architecture of the house.

The plot presents additional requirements for the project. The simplest problem is the location of the entrance on the other side of the house. It is solved by creating a mirror version of the project.

The roof is one of the main components of the appearance of the house. Replacing one material with another (of the same “weight category”, of course) can already greatly affect the impression of the house. Let’s not forget about such a strong move as the color solution. If, after all, there are complaints about the shape of the roof, then small adjustments are appropriate here as well. If you are satisfied with the project as a whole, but you would like to change some details, this is not a reason to abandon the economical option of buying a ready-made project and look for an architect who will make an individual project.

One detail changes the look

In the illustrations to the article, you can see how the house is transformed as a result of changing just one detail. And on the basis of almost every project, it is possible to create several options with the changes required by the customer, which means to get the same result that was previously possible only by individual design.

If your goal is to build a modern, practical, comfortable house, you will definitely find a suitable project in our collection.

If you did not find the project you need, it does not mean that it is not in our collection. Just add the necessary details of the house that suits you according to the planning solution.

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