The kitchen is an unusual room, and repair work on it is also carried out in a special way. Here is a peculiar approach both to the materials themselves and to the methods of their attachment. As a result, it turns out to be quite costly. And is it possible to make the process cheaper, and if so, how to save on kitchen renovation?

This question probably arises for many, but what is this economical kitchen repair ? Here we must make a caveat right away: economical does not mean cheap, quick and cheap at all. By saving in the wrong place, you risk “flying into a penny” in the near future.

Repairs in the kitchen must be done with high quality, designed for decades of operation. It will be easier if you can do all the necessary work yourself. This is an excellent way to save, because repair work performed by construction crews costs very decently. But again, it is worth taking such a step only if you really know what repair is and have specific skills at the level of a professional. The problem is that the microclimate of the kitchen is generous with temperature changes and humidity. This changes and increases the requirements for the organization of sanitary conditions in the room.

A clean kitchen is not only pleasant, it is also a necessity, which means that when deciding how to save money on the repair of your kitchen, do not bet on design materials. Their quality should be impeccable, and care for all surfaces should be simple.

Where does kitchen renovation begin?

“Making an estimate is precisely the stage where you can and should think about how and what to save on kitchen renovation ”

First of all, as with the repair of any room, it is worth making a list of planned works. decide What exactly do you want to see in the kitchen space. It may be necessary to replace the window unit, furniture, major repair of the water supply system, or in general, the replacement of all pipes. And these works must be carried out before the start of processing. So draw a picture of the kitchen of your dreams and systematically bring it to life.

Provided that there are no plans to change the furniture and appliances, you will have to work hard on each of the design elements. How to design a kitchen, you can look in catalogs, on the Internet, in the end, borrow ideas from neighbors. By adding a drop of imagination to the information you find, you will make the interior of your own kitchen a real work of art.

Once you have figured out how your room will look, start drawing up an estimate. This is precisely the stage where you can and should think about how and in what ways to save on kitchen renovation. And the Internet will help you again, where there is information about the prices of materials and the cost of repair services. See the range of products that are offered for use in creating kitchen decorations. This market is constantly replenished with novelties and, you won’t believe it, but they are sometimes of better quality and many times cheaper than traditional repair materials. Perhaps you will come to a consensus and revise some items of the estimate in favor of new proposals, but do it wisely so that the quality of the repair is not affected in any way. Think twice about finishing the kitchen apron, because this part of the room is the most vulnerable and is constantly in the zone of negative influence, simply put – it gets dirty, which means it should not be difficult to take care of it.

The next step will be the selection of works that you are able to do on your own. Under no circumstances, unless you are a professional craftsman, should you not include works in this list:

  1. From laying electrical wiring.
  2. Replacement of sewer pipes.
  3. Installation of counters.
  4. Connecting gas communications.

A few tips on how to save on kitchen renovations

“If you are thinking about how to do a global reconstruction and at the same time save on kitchen renovation, then start the event in late autumn”

Repairs are always a hassle and expense, but even in this process you can find reserves for considerable savings. Get acquainted with the advice of professionals, and you will definitely be able to save a good amount, and do it absolutely without compromising the quality of the decor. And even more, implement all your ideas! Therefore,

1. Choose the right time to start the repair.

The price for repair works varies according to the seasons. It has already happened that repairmen value their time and work most expensively at the end of summer and beginning of autumn. The lowest rates for builders’ services are in the winter period. The same trend can be seen in the pricing of consumables. In general, if you are thinking about how to make a global reconstruction and at the same time save on kitchen renovation , then start the event in late autumn. It is noteworthy that during this period there are a number of holidays for which campaigns traditionally offer additional discounts. We are talking about March 8 and Christmas.

2. Set priorities at the beginning of the repair.

After assessing the shortcomings of your kitchen, think about what you want to eliminate unconditionally, and what you can postpone for later and carry them out when you have free or saved funds. There are complex works that are connected, so to speak, and which, whether you like it or not, cannot be stretched over a period of time or completed later. Therefore, a phased plan of repair works is always made taking them into account.

Experts say that ideally there are two estimates:

  1. a) Optimistic. It is prepared in case you are ready to allocate additional amounts for repairs that will require more fixed costs.
  2. b) Economical. This option will show how to save on kitchen renovations on a limited budget.

Experience shows that the true cost of kitchen reorganization will be the arithmetic mean of two estimates. What is also important is to provide reserve funds for unforeseen expenses, and without them, believe me, no repair is possible.

3. “Thinking” about future repairs is better on paper.

Write all, even the most insignificant and small works. This will allow you not to forget anything, and the stress of the started process will be less.

When thinking about the sequence of work, see which of them can be combined or carried out in parallel. This step will save you time and possibly money. How can a person who does not know anything about the intricacies of the construction business save money on kitchen repairs? Very easy. It is enough to carry out dismantling work yourself. Knock down the old tiles, remove the wallpaper from the walls, clean the paint off the door panels and windows. Preparatory work from specialists costs decent money. But in pursuit of savings, do not get into engineering communications, electrical wiring and plumbing. These systems should be handled by licensed professionals. Notice the word “licensed”? And try not to replace it with the phrase “workers take it cheap.” Over time, recycling can turn out to be a serious sum.

Do not skimp on rough work, such as leveling the floor or walls, not to mention the ceiling. It is better to save on the coating by buying cheap linoleum and simple wallpaper. You will replace them at the first opportunity without any problems.

4. Keep track of expenses.

Calculate what and how much you will need in the kitchen, write down the data in a notebook and go shopping with it, both real and virtual. This is a good idea to save money on kitchen repairs , because you will have a chance to visually compare the offers and, if necessary, look for an alternative replacement. Perhaps interesting options will be offered by the sellers themselves, so your task is not to hesitate to ask. Your initiative will definitely pay off.

5. Discounts as a way to reduce costs.

Buy everything you need for repairs in one store. The final amount will surely allow you to get a discount. A discount program for the purchase of finishing material can be offered to you even if you have hired a serious company (bay area siding contractors to finish the exterior walls) to renovate the kitchen . Such companies often cooperate with large suppliers directly and have the opportunity to buy finishing materials from them at wholesale prices.

6. Limit the terms.

Set deadlines for a certain type of work and strictly adhere to them. This is also a way to financial savings. Very often, during long-term repairs, owners are visited by new ideas for its modernization, and this instantly knocks them out of the compiled estimate. Trying to cope with such a task as saving money on kitchen renovations, try not to let this happen, then you will be able to complete everything that you originally planned, and not scatter money on scattered accessories.

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