Moneyline Betting This is a very hot type of betting in recent times because it is easy to play and accessible to all bettors. Therefore, if you still do not have a certain understanding of this match, please immediately refer to the following article from leading experts. New888 casino.

Moneyline betting concept

Currently, to serve the common needs of the majority of bettors when participating in betting, the house has been offering many different types of bets with new and attractive ways to play. Prominent among them up to now is the Moneyline bet, a form of betting that is quite similar to the 1X2 type in soccer betting.

According to the definition from experts, Moneyline betting is simply understood as a form of moneyline betting with players making predictions about the match outcome. However, the difference between this type of bet and the 1X2 bet in football is that there is no option to choose a draw offered by the house.

The reason this form of betting is becoming very hot is because the way to play the match is not too complicated. In addition, in many cases, bettors can earn profits that are double or triple the initial capital when deciding to invest in this Moneyline bet.

On the other hand, bettors should especially note that the Moneyline bet will not have a fixed rate offered by the house. Instead, based on the progress of the match, the bet will be adjusted accordingly. Because then, the team that is highly rated or has an advantage will have its Odds Moneyline rate reduced and vice versa, the weaker team will have its payout rate increased.

Overview of Moneyline bets

What types of betting are Moneyline bets available in?

According to the knowledge provided by experts, this type of betting will not be present in football because its basic nature is completely similar to 1X2 betting. So the question is, which sports will Moneyline bets be available in?


When mentioning Moneyline betting, many experienced bettors will immediately think of the royal sport – basketball. With the massive growth of the NBA in general and this sport in particular in recent years, soccer betting, especially the Moneyline type, has become even more popular.

Accordingly, players can optionally deposit money into predicting the final winner, the winner of match 1, match 2, match 3, match 4 or the first half, the second half. Even when two teams have to enter extra time, the Moneyline bet will still be offered by the house for bettors to refer to in the money.

Basketball is the most popular sport when it comes to Moneyline betting


Tennis is also an attractive sport that investors love to put down money in Moneyline bets. Accordingly, players can choose to bet money based on the total score of the set or the individual score of each game in the set depending on the preferences of each different player.

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In addition to basic physical sports, the billion-dollar industry – Esport is also a popular case when it comes to Moneyline betting. In this form, bettors will often be able to choose to bet money on predicting the final winner or simply predict which team will get more kills.

Esport is also a sport chosen by many Moneyline bettors

How to calculate profit when playing Moneyline bets

To calculate profit when playing Moneyline betting is not difficult, bettors just need to follow the instructions as follows:

  • Returned bet = Amount spent * Odds ratio on the odds table.
  • Profit when winning = Bet returned – capital amount.
  • When losing, the bettor will have to lose the entire bet amount.

To help players visualize more easily, let’s look at an example of the match between Phoenix Suns vs San Antonio Spurs. At that time, the first half odds of Moneyline betting are at 1.26 * 3.45. Suppose the player bets money on the upper team with a total bet of $100, the profit value will be equal to:

  • Choose Phoenix Suns and win: Bet returned = 100 * 1.26 = $126, player profit is $26.
  • Pick the San Antonio Spurs and the team ahead of the Phoenix Suns after the first 2 games: Bet returned = 100 * 3.45 = $345. Then the player profits up to $245 in this match.

Odds table example of how to calculate Moneyline bets

Moneyline betting guide from casino expertsNew88

To be able to bring in the most winning bets when playing Moneyline betting, bettors should learn the following betting methods from experts:

  • Carefully study the performance of both teams.
  • Analyze the likelihood of winning recent Moneyline bets.
  • Calculate the team’s probability of scoring/scoring points through each game.
  • Looking back at past encounters.
  • Analyze the tactics of both sides. Pay close attention to the correlation between the playing style the two teams are using.
  • Don’t put too much money in one place at once.
  • Limit all in 100% on the above door.


The above article has given bettors all the most detailed information about Money line bet compiled from experts New88 casino. Thank you for your interest and see you in the next articles.

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