vn138 la is famous as a reputable and safe lottery bookmaker with a large number of players participating today. The gameplay is simple, the odds are extremely high up to billions of dong. If you are passionate and want to get rich from numbers, you should not ignore the article below.

1.Introduce the VN138 lottery betting house

The famous bookie is one of the leading safe and reputable lottery playgrounds officially launched in 2020. Every day this playground attracts millions of members to participate in entertainment, betting and exchanging prizes. Although still quite young, but VN138 has quickly built up a brand, covered all over Asian countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, China, …

Learn about betting on lottery VN138

Participating in online lottery at the house, you will experience many new types of betting such as: Keno, Vietlott, lotto, number of topics …. The quality of the games is always guaranteed with extremely attractive payout rates. Surely gamers will have unforgettable experiences at this leading bookie.

2. Reasons to play lottery VN138

With a clear development orientation and quality products, this playground has quickly conquered the gaming community. Here are some outstanding advantages that experts and longtime players appreciate when participating in the lottery at the house:

VN138 Top Prestigious Online Lottery Playground1

Why should participate in betting VN138 lottery?

2.1 Legal betting

Right from the launch, VN138 has been licensed to operate legally by Costa Rica. The bookie operates completely transparently, providing clear terms and contact information. When participating in the lottery here, you can be assured of betting activities as well as real money transactions.

Xem : xổ số vn138

2.2 Joining is easy and convenient

Instead of having to go to the point of sale, agents, just a phone, a computer with an internet connection, bettors can play the lottery anytime, anywhere. Or you can also download the VN138 bookie app to your phone very conveniently and quickly.

2.3 Attractive interface

The interface is considered to be the “face” for the house to attract players to bet. Therefore, the first time you visit the website of the house, gamers will be impressed by the modern and classy design here. The layout of the game halls is scientifically and clearly arranged for you to participate in the fastest and most accurate numbering.

2.4 Attractive bonus rate

The odds at the house lottery game lobby are always in the top of the betting market. The bookie offers competitive bonuses with a variety of bets for you to actively put down money to close the number. After winning, you can withdraw the bonus to your account quickly and conveniently.

2.5 Various types of lottery games

Currently, the house VN138 offers many forms of online lottery betting for you to participate in betting to change prizes. Specifically:

Lottery 3 North – Central – South

Super Speed Lottery

Online lotto

Keno (International Lottery): China, Australia, Korea,…

All types of lotteries at the house have extremely high rewards and fair payouts. You just need to follow the instructions given by the house and a little luck of your own to be able to play anywhere.

VN138 Top Prestigious Online Lottery Playground2

Choose from a variety of bets

2.6 Absolute security

The bookie invests heavily in the security system, committing that the betting information provided by players is always safe. Applying security technology to create a solid protection wall with a professional IT team. Absolutely do not disclose player data to 3rd parties for the purpose of profiteering or performing nefarious acts.

3.How to play lottery at VN138

Participating in lottery betting at the bookie is very simple, bettors just need to follow the following instructions:

VN138 Top Prestigious Online Lottery Playground3

Instructions on how to play lottery VN138

Step 1: Search for the standard, reputable link provided by the system to be able to access the home page of the bookie.

Step 2: Players register or Log in to a member account. If you do not know how to do it, you can refer to the articles with pictures in the instructions section. Or contact the customer service department immediately for support.

Step 3: After successfully logging in, on the VN138 website interface, click on the Online Lottery item. Then select the type of lottery you want to participate in and place a bet. Please prioritize the type that you understand to increase your chances of winning the lottery.

Step 4: Proceed to receive the prize if you win. Currently, the bookie offers a variety of payment methods for you such as: internet banking, scratch cards, e-wallets, etc. Time to receive rewards is fast, in just a few minutes if you meet the requirements. house demand.


Above is the detailed information about the reputable vn138 lottery house VN138 that we have compiled and shared with bettors. Surely this will be an attractive entertainment playground, making huge money for you.

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