Some puppies beg for food at the table, and others might not beg and get rewarded instead for good behavior.

Aren’t these some of the typical scenes in a puppy household? Puppies put up a tender façade before their owners because they know nobody can deny the demands of a fur person with a look like that. When a puppy begs for food, its scavenger instincts are primarily at play and making it do the things it does at the table during mealtimes.

So, don’t blame your pet pooch for picking up the habit. All it might take is letting your puppy know that this behavior no longer works by not paying attention until you finish the meal on your plate. While this attitude can help you set things straight for your puppy, it also works in the best interests of their health and happiness.

Not all human food items are safe for puppy consumption. So, when you are unsure what can be fed and what shouldn’t be, it is best not to feed them a few pieces from your dish at all. This simple habit can avoid pet poisoning incidents because your canine pal must not be fed food containing onions, garlic, caffeine, chocolate, and other potentially toxic ingredients.

Consider being prepared with pet insurance for dogs so that dealing with puppy emergencies and related vet bills need not be a huge struggle. Pet insurance helps minimize your financial stress during non-routine vet visits without compromising on the quality of medical care. So, consider buying a policy. Meanwhile, read this article to learn three tips to discourage your puppy from begging for food.

1.Instruct other family members not to feed

A few treats given by mommy and a couple of snacks provided by daddy and some by the kids and others by the guests can quickly escalate the number of calories entering your pet’s system. Check your puppy’s weight often so you can help the puppy stay on track towards its weight goals.

Tell everyone at home not to shower the puppy with potentially harmful human food or dog safe food more than necessary. Ask them to pet your puppy, and give them some warm snuggles, love, and attention as rewards rather than food as the only compensation for the begging habit.

2.Maintain consistency in rules and regulations

When it comes to training, consistency is everything. If you allow your puppy to bend the rules sometimes, you are giving it a freeway to behave as it pleases every other time. It undermines the purpose of training and doesn’t help accomplish the task at hand.

So, if your puppy is well fed and still asks for more, don’t give in to the innocent eyes, instead, provide some attractive distractions like puzzle toys and mental enrichment equipment to keep it busy while you eat.

3.Give away nothing for free

Let your pooch earn the snack or treat rather than receive it with little or no effort. Toss a tiny treat, not table scraps, after brief physical activity, exercise, and gaming sessions, so you don’t have to regret offering extra food now and then. This way, both the puppy and you can be happy.

Begging can be a pretty annoying behavior; however, by using redirection tactics you can teach your puppy good table etiquette. So, no matter what angle your puppy works to request food, follow the above tips to help them grow above the habit. However, not all health issues can be avoided, which is why you must consider purchasing pet insurance for dogs.

Pet insurance helps provide your puppy quality medical care and minimize your financial stress during unexpected puppy health scenarios and emergencies. Contemplate buying a suitable plan so getting timely medical help need not be a challenge on a rainy day.

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