People search for their ideal homes online these days. The open house is more than just a gathering. Buyers will come in large quantities to the event if you nail the open-house advertising. Prepare your advertising tools in advance and design. What better way to promote your event than through social media? 

Prepare your material in advance. Design your flyers and social media posts easily now with abundant open house flyers templates available online! They provide the perfect designing tools, templates, color palettes, drag-and-drop, and picture-uploading options.

Anyone new to social media marketing for realtors has come to the right place. We will discuss various techniques to attract customers.

Online websites

Begin advertising an open house on all of your home’s online listings. Add an Open House event to your MLS listing, including the time and date. Make the Open House public. However, do not specify “broker only” or “MLS only” to ensure that it is on the real estate listing sites. Include additional information about your open house on your home’s single property website. 

If you do not have a professional website, you may need one to take advantage of better opportunities and listing strategies. Describe in detail any incentives that may entice buyers to attend, such as complimentary food and beverages, raffles, or donation collection, if the website format allows. 

Advertising on your official Facebook page

Due to its massive user base and advertising options, Facebook is one of the best places to advertise your open house. An event page is a good idea for centralizing posts and messages related to the event. It’s also a suitable place to post photos from the event after it’s over. Create Facebook posts that encourage and attract visitors to your open house, and you can also promote your current activities through a profile picture.

An ad campaign targeting prospective buyers in your area can help you promote your Facebook posts and event page. Set the goal of your event ads to engagement. This option includes an Interested button in the ad so that viewers can immediately follow the activity on your event page.

Pinterest for marketing

Pinterest is mainly known for recipes and pictures, but that is not true. Many people use it as a search engine for products they are interested in buying. If they type “colonial-style home” into the search bar, colonial-style home decor photos will show up. You should use this platform to create a board just for your listing photos. 

You can include a link to your Pinterest board of professional-quality photos when you tweet or post about your open house. You can use templates available for the mood board on Pinterest and other websites on the internet. It will help you create an elegant and detailed mood board that will attract many people. 

Instagram and hashtags

Instagram is another important social media tool for spreading the word about your open house. Because The Gram is all about beautiful photos, it’s an excellent platform for showcasing property details in the primary listing. Post your best exterior photo with a caption that includes the time and date of the event. Your subsequent posts until the event date may have detailed interior details. You can also hire influencers to promote your event to a larger audience.

Tag your posts with 6-8 hashtags to increase visibility and engagement. Include a mix of popular, moderately popular, and super niche hashtags relevant to the local community. Also, upload stories leading to the preparations of the event. 

Art of caption writing

When writing social media posts, use good copywriting techniques. You don’t have to become a copywriting whiz; you have to follow these simple guidelines, and your writing will become instantly more engaging, causing people to click through.

  • Avoid using too many adjectives, such as beautiful and cozy. 
  • Discuss your personal experience. The most effective way to hook people is to elicit an emotional response. When house hunting, write about universal experiences. So that people can feel included.

Email newsletter 

If you have a real estate newsletter to send out to your network, include a mention of your open house. Messages shared on social media are also written in emails with different techniques. One of the most effective ways to stay top of mind with your real estate contacts is to send out a newsletter

Moreover, create a posting schedule to promote your open house on social media. Scheduling is an important part of getting work done at the proper time. It will help you get ahead of time and make lasting impressions. 

Your work will bear fruit if you have quality pictures and captions are written. It is better to hire a professional photographer and a professional writer for your social media campaigns if your budget allows it. 

Finally, don’t forget to relax and enjoy your event. 

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