Argyle pink diamonds are the highest-quality pink diamonds available today. Their natural beauty and exclusivity make them valuable investments. As a result, the value of these stones is increasing rapidly. Many savvy investors are interested in this investment. They are beautiful to look at and can serve as a hedge against inflation.

The term blood diamond came into use when the UN condemned the sale of diamonds that were used to fund a rebellious regime. This term is now associated with the diamond trade, and the term is used to describe both conflict diamonds and gems mined without human rights violations. However, the term has a different meaning for different people. Some people associate it with wedding bells and warm fuzzy feelings, while others associate it with the inhumane treatment of diamond miners.

Argyle’s pink diamonds are recognized as the best quality in the world

The history of the Argyle pink diamond goes back 1.6 billion years and is considered to be the most beautiful diamond in history. With its provenance, it is also considered to be the most valuable diamond in the world. Today, its quality is recognized by collectors around the world.

Argyle pink diamonds are extremely rare and are among the world’s most exclusive diamonds. They are the rarest, the most intense, and the most vibrant pink diamonds, and are restricted to just a few highly selected diamond collectors and diamantaires.

Pink diamonds from Argyle have a unique color and high purity. They have a unique fluorescence and intensity of color, which make them more valuable. In addition, they are considered to be rarer and more valuable than diamonds from other mines.

The Argyle mine opened in 1983 and produces 865 million carats of natural diamond material. Of these, only five percent is gem quality. The rest are industrial-grade and unsuitable for jewelry. The majority of these diamonds are brown, grey or white, and only 1% are colorless.

They are more expensive than regular diamonds

Pink diamond prices have steadily risen over the past two decades. When the Argyle mine closed, experts expect an increase of about 20% per year, making the precious stone an investment with low risk and positive returns. In 1979, fancy light pink diamonds sold for upwards of $50,000 per carat, and prices have continued to rise.

A high-quality pink diamond is highly prized, and certified ones can cost up to $140,000. This is an extraordinary price tag for a diamond that is so rare. It’s also the most expensive type of pink diamond. Even a one-carat fancy pink diamond can be more than $200,000, depending on its color saturation.

Prices for pink diamonds are usually between 10 and 15 times higher than the price of a regular diamond. The cost of a pink diamond depends on its clarity, cut, and colour intensity. A less-intense pink diamond may cost less than $10,000. But an intense pink diamond can fetch up to $700,000 a carat.

They are an excellent hedge against inflation

Argyle pink diamonds are an extremely popular investment choice because of their resistance to inflation. Unlike stocks and bonds, diamonds have a long-term value and remain stable despite inflation. This makes them an excellent hedge against global financial crisis and inflation.

Argyle pink diamonds are rare and inexpensive, making them a good investment for anyone looking for inflation protection. The Argyle mine is constantly producing diamonds, which helps to keep the price low. Many investors buy diamonds because they expect their value to increase over time. When the demand for diamonds grows, the value of the diamond will rise. However, investing in diamonds for profit should never be your primary objective.

Argyle pink diamonds investment is a rare investment, and they can be used to create beautiful jewelry. They are also a great hedge against inflation due to their limited supply. Moreover, the diamonds can be worn or stored for many years. They are also very versatile and can be tailored to your own taste.

They are set and worn, requiring only occasional cleaning and checking of claws

Argyle pink diamonds are set in a rose gold band, bringing out the natural beauty of the pink stone. Once set, they are extremely easy to maintain, requiring only occasional cleaning and checking of the claws. You will be assured of a lifetime of care and beauty.

An Argyle pink diamond is a rare gem with a very unique composition. This unusual color is due to intense heat and pressure that changes the crystal lattice and makes the stone appear pink. The diamonds from Argyle are particularly famous for their densely packed graining planes, which is the reason for their deep pink coloring. Although there are other methods of color treatment, the Argyle pink diamond’s naturally pink coloring is very unlikely to fade over time.


As diamonds wear, the claws holding the diamond in place can become loose. This can be almost imperceptible, but it can happen over time. Without regular cleaning and checking of the claws, you may never notice the diamond has fallen out of your ring. To prevent this from happening, visit your jeweller on a regular basis to have them check and tighten them if needed.

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