The Bigg Boss 13 weekend ka vaar episode 125 started with Vikas declaring Arti Singh out of the captaincy race. Arti then told Vikas that she was playing a double game by avoiding his questions. The discussion quickly turned into an ugly fight. The contestants were divided into teams and fought for the coveted captaincy position. This episode is rated as a tough one, so be sure to watch it to find out how everything goes down.

Bigg Boss 13 episode 125 is filled with surprises for fans, and it was no exception. Vikas Gupta steals currency from Shehbaz Badesha and then changes the dynamic of the captaincy task in his favour. Another surprise guest, Himanshi Khurana, left Rashami Desai shocked and surprised by her shocking revelation about Asim Riaz.

The week continues with Vikas evicting Arti from the captaincy league and threatening to evict her as well. Vikas also threatens to make Mahira and Paras the captains of the house. Afraid of Vikas, Arti falls unconscious during the captaincy task, and Shahbaz faints. In the previous episode, there were several arguments between Vikas and Arti Singh, but the latter won the task.

Salman calls Himanshi to the dock post. He accuses him of revealing details about Arhaan to others outside the show. Asim denies the allegations, saying that he did tell Vishal, Asim, and Rashami about his relationship outside the show. Salman tells Himanshi to clarify the situation with Rashami. In the end, he makes a decision to make Himanshi the top candidate and asks her to leave him alone.

Sidharth and Vishal clashed again. Sidharth tries to make Vishal win, but both men try to avoid fighting. Kashmera and Vishal start fighting over household chores. However, Sidharth intervenes, and Kashmera leaves. Asi tries to get back at Vishal, he finally wins. This episode was one of the best yet, and I hope you enjoy the show!

However, I personally love this show because it is so entertaining and makes me laugh a lot. Besides, Salman Khan hosts this show, and for sake of Salman I and many people watch this show.

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