If you are wondering, Did Brock Lesnar fight Junior dos Santas?, you’re not alone. There are plenty of rumors floating around about the heavyweight bout. Although we cannot confirm this fact, most experts think Brock Lesnar will face Daniel Cormier in the UFC later this year. Cormier and Brock Lesnar fought at UFC 226 last year, where they had a tense in-cage exchange. If this matchup occurs, the two heavyweights are likely to go head to head in a future UFC bout.

The first thing to note about this bout is that Lesnar was originally scheduled to face Junior dos Santos in 2011. However, Lesnar was replaced by Shane Carwin, and Jon Olav Einemo was rematchable with Junior dos Saunos. Also, Joey Beltran’s opponent was replaced by Shane Carwin after the UFC pulled out of their scheduled match.

If the UFC allows Brock Lesnar to fight Junior dos Saunos, then it would be a massive upset for the underdog. Junior dos Santos’ UFC debut was against Fabricio Werdum, who was eliminated by the UFC after the fight. Junior Dos Santos, meanwhile, beat Stefan Struve and Roy Nelson. Brock Lesnar was also expected to face Junior dos Santos, but the MMA world’s heavyweight title is not yet certain.

While a UFC 131 heavyweight title eliminator is still set, the match-up between Lesnar and dos Santos was not exactly what the media and fans were hoping for. Both men fought at 205 pounds, but Lesnar was lighter than Junior and Carwin’s weight is more than enough to win. This fight is now a rematch of UFC 116, which made Brock Lesnar the heavyweight champion.

As a former UFC heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar has been a huge success and has always accepted offers from Vince McMahon. If JDS and Daniel Cormier can’t knock down the UFC heavyweight champion, then Lesnar isn’t a bad deal. Neither man destroyed the other. Whether he did or not, Lesnar deserves it.

The UFC is not without heavyweight contenders, and he could be their next big star. Overeem, Velasquez, and Alistair Overeem are all strong contenders for the title. Junior dos Santos has been a top contender for the title, but he stumbled in his first title defense against Lesnar. The UFC is hoping Junior dos Santos is a viable contender.

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