Playing Tai Chi online is no longer a strange betting game for those who love to experience online entertainment products. The game is now available at 789BETs online playground. With many improvements in the betting process, the game attracts more and more members to participate. Follow along with the following article and discover how to play the game of Tai Sieu online

1.About the game Tai Xieu online

Tai Xiu is a popular online betting game in the Vietnamese market. Games have always been a major source of revenue for many bookmakers. The game of Sic Bo originated from a Chinese folk game with a fairly simple betting rule.

Currently, the game Sic Bo has been developed into a form of online betting. With just a few simple steps such as creating an account, depositing money, placing bets, … Players can participate in exciting and dramatic bets. Playing the game Tai Sieu online meets the needs of entertainment immediately, compactly, quickly and especially you can participate anytime, anywhere.

With an online entertainment experience, choosing a safe betting address is extremely important. Suggestions for bettors a safe betting site: 789BET bookie. The playground has been present for many years in the Vietnamese market. At the same time, 789BET is also a brand that has received many positive reviews from the player community. Let’s see what’s interesting about the experience of betting on Big Sic at this house?

2.How to play Big Sic at 789BET bookie

Over and under betting game is also one of the hot and popular games at the 789BET house. If you are a newcomer visiting the house for the first time, immediately follow the steps below to participate in playing Sic Bo online.

2.1Step 1: Register as a member

To participate in 789BET Big & Small bets, players need to register for a member account. New players access the official 789BET house, at the homepage, players click “Register”. The form asking for information appears. Here, you proceed to provide the information requested by the bookie to register.

2.2Step 2: Deposit money into your account

After having a member account, players make a deposit to the account to start participating in entertainment at 789BET. New players who register an account will receive a deposit bonus from the house. Be sure to check the promotions section before you top up your card so you don’t miss out on attractive offers.

2.3Step 3: Play Big Sic

The Big Sic game is placed in the live casino betting hall at the home page of 789BET. The player clicks on the betting hall and enters the Big Sic game. Here, first-time players will be introduced to the rules of the game, the order of operations in the betting round. After reading the instructions, you can start placing bets.

The Sic Bo game consists of two parties, the dealer and the player. Game props include 3 dice, shakers and a betting table. The props will be set to shake automatically and display on your screen. The dealer will be the party to shake the dishes, the player will place a bet in one of two betting doors: Over – Under.

Under: The total value of the dice is between 4 and 10.

Cua Tai: the total value of the dice is from 11 to 17.

Members are allowed to place random bets with different bet levels. The payout ratio here is 1 to 1. Winning players will be paid directly to the account.

3.Tips to play 789BET Safely and Effectively

Betting on Big Sic is not only waiting for the opportunity to make a profit, but you can completely apply effective betting tips and experiences. Specifically, players can apply some of the experiences below.


3.1 Choose a fixed playing strategy

For newcomers, choosing a fixed game strategy is very important. Each person will have a different method of playing Sic Bo, depending on their judgment and experience.

When you first join, you should choose a stable strategy to ensure safety. Some tactics that beginners can apply include:

Hit fast with a small bet and stop when the minimum bet is reached.

Follow the crowd

Follow the Expert of Sic Bo

Play group pulling Tai Sieu,…

Xem : Thể thao 789BET

3.2 Using the Sic Bo tool

Currently, the Tai Xiu hack tool is considered an effective support tool for gamers. There are more and more tools on the market to support Sic Bo players with an accurate prediction rate of up to 80%. If you do not know how to judge, search, predict the ratio of Over and Under, … you can refer to the results from these tools.

3.3 Reasonable financial allocation

The last factor when players participate in betting on Big and Small is that you need to allocate financial resources reasonably. Players should set a bet limit before participating and only allow themselves to bet up to this limit.

The above article has guided you to read how to play Sic Bo at the 789BET bookie safely and effectively. If you are also a follower of the game Tai Sieu, quickly join now so as not to miss interesting experiences. Good luck.

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