If you’re considering purchasing a diamond, you probably want to buy it from a reputable lab. You’ll want to choose one that has IGI, GIA, or Clean Origin certification. These three organizations provide a certain level of assurance and transparency, and are also known for using top-quality materials and expert craftsmanship. These companies can cater to a variety of budgets.

The highest quality

IGI is a non-profit diamond grading lab. Their main goal is to research and educate the public about natural gemstones. This organization is responsible for the creation of the International Diamond Grading System (IDGS) and has been the industry leader for over 50 years. With the IGI certification, you can be sure that your diamond has been properly graded and is of the highest quality.

The IGI lab grown diamond’s color grade is determined by an expert by viewing the diamond under long-wave ultraviolet light. Typically, diamonds emit a soft glow when exposed to this light. A diamond’s fluorescence is graded on a scale from none to strong. There is some variation in color among lab created diamonds, however, as all diamond grading is subjective. For example, it’s widely believed that a diamond with a “H” color grade actually looks like an “I” color grade.

Important to note

Another key feature of an IGI laboratory grown lab diamonds Sydney is its certificate. The report will include information such as its origin, type of diamond, and faceting style. The certificate will also detail the diamond’s symmetry and proportions. It is important to note that this certification is only valid for diamonds grown in labs and is not valid for diamonds that were grown in a mine.

There are numerous labs that grade lab-grown diamonds. However, the two most respected labs are IGI and GIA. The IGI is the only gemological lab that holds ISO accreditation for both natural and lab-grown diamond grading. This accreditation allows you to be confident in the quality of your diamond.

GIA certificate

GIA lab grown diamonds are often marked with the word “laboratory grown” and the GIA report number. These inscriptions serve as a reminder that the diamonds were created in a laboratory. However, the reports will not include information on the origin or growth properties. In future reports, GIA may decide to add this information. However, for now, these reports will look different from those of mined diamonds.

While the GIA certificate is the gold standard, it is not the only certification that is available for lab grown diamonds. There are also other labs that grade these stones, including IGI. Although IGI lab grown diamonds are more affordable, you can rest assured that you’re purchasing a diamond of superior quality.

Offer similar qualities

Because GIA only grades natural diamonds, GIA lab grown diamonds are not synthetic diamonds. These manmade diamonds are grown in a laboratory and are similar to natural diamonds, but they cannot be found on the earth. As a result, many consumers are opting for these diamonds over natural diamonds because they offer similar qualities, but without the inherent dangers.

The carat weight of a diamond is an indication of its value. A larger carat weight of a lab grown diamond does not make it rare, like an earth mined diamond. However, the carat weight can help consumers determine the size and value of a diamond.

Clean Origin

If you’re looking for the best deal on lab-grown diamonds, Clean Origin is the place to go. They have a store in the beautiful Cotswolds and offer free local delivery. They also offer an excellent return policy and 100-day money-back guarantee.

The company’s founders are seasoned businessmen, who have all worked in the diamond industry. Alex Weindling, who founded the company, was inspired to create a better way to buy and sell quality gems online. He also worked as the head of marketing for Alex and Ani before launching Clean Origin.

International shipping

The company is a global leader in ethically-sourced fine jewellery. While they have showrooms in the US, they also have a live chat option that allows customers to enjoy a personalised consultation in the comfort of their own home. They also have an excellent international shipping service. You can even get free shipping to UK addresses through FedEx.

Clean Origin is dedicated to raising the bar in the lab grown diamonds UK industry. Its unique lab-grown process ensures ethical, conflict-free and environmentally responsible diamonds. The result is a diamond that is as beautiful as its natural counterpart but without the risk of conflict-or unfair trade practices. Clean Origin diamonds are also certified by independent laboratories including the Gemological Institute of America, Gem Certification and Assurance Laboratory and the International Gemological Institute.


Lab-grown diamonds are a viable alternative to mined diamonds because they are cheaper and have the same optical and chemical properties. Furthermore, they are more durable than their mined counterparts. And, as a bonus, they can be resized for free.

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