Jun88 is known more and more widely, but there are still many newbies who do not know how to register a betting account. Here are the most detailed registration steps!

Currently, the number of members registering for a Jun88 betting account is increasing day by day. To help newcomers access the house faster, we will detail how to register in the article below. Refer now to not miss the opportunity of super betting products here.

1.Why should you register an account at Jun88?

Every month, on the Vietnamese betting market, many new bookmakers appear. But, this is still the playground with the most traffic today. What makes the house so hunted? Here are a few of the reasons we’ve rounded up:

Betting activities are safe because they are recognized and licensed by international betting organizations.

Jun88 game store is diverse, including many different genres. Guaranteed bettors will never get bored while playing.

The customer service team provides enthusiastic support, offering simple and easy-to-understand solutions, helping newbies get used to the house faster.

Professional Jun88 website design, impressive interface, easy to see and easy to participate in betting.

Always pay bonuses quickly, diverse deposit and withdrawal options. In addition, players can also apply promotions of 100%, 50% on first deposit and special occasions.

Absolutely secure information with modern 128bit SSL technology and firewall system.

Attractive promotions, taking place continuously daily and weekly for all members. In particular, new players accessing the house for the first time will receive extremely attractive incentives for new players.

Why register an account at Jun88?

2.Guide to register a Jun88 account for newbies

The house always welcomes all bettors to participate in betting. To be able to start exploring the game store here, you just need to follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Go to Jun88 website

On the market today, there have appeared a number of fake links, aimed at defrauding, appropriating property, and affecting the reputation of the house. Therefore, gamblers should only access the official link https://jun88.dev/ provided by the bookie to ensure safety during the game.

Screenshot 2

Step 2: Sign up

Once inside, players will click on REGISTER in the right corner of the screen. At this time, the house system will provide a registration information sheet. Bettors need to fill in the following fields: Username (make sure it doesn’t match with other players) password, confirm password, first and last name, email, phone number.

Instructions for registering a Jun88 account for newbies

Step 3: Check all the information again and select Register.

As soon as the request is sent, Jun88 will immediately proceed, confirming the information that the player registered is correct. After that, a successful registration message will be sent and automatically logged in.

However, to start betting, players need to make a deposit by linking a personal bank account. Then, go to the DEPOSIT section, choose one of the methods offered by the house.

Based on the system’s instructions, you will deposit an amount appropriate to your current financial situation. Finally, choose the game you want to play and start showing off your talent.

Successfully registered Jun88 account quickly

3.Note when registering an account Jun88 should know

Registering a betting account only takes about 2-3 minutes. However, to ensure the best experience here, bettors need to keep a few things in mind:

All registration information fields must be completely filled out.

The information about the first and last name, phone number is guaranteed to be accurate, genuine, and matches the bank account information.

In case you want to change any personal information, you should contact Customer Service for detailed instructions.

When making a withdrawal, the owner of the bank account must match the first and last name that you have previously registered. If there is a deviation, the transaction will be canceled and not executed.

Do not forget to visit the PROMOTION section at the Jun88 website to promptly update the latest gifting programs and events that the bookie offers.

Screenshot 3

In case the application is not approved, it is necessary to check the information again. Make sure this is the first registration and there is only 1 account. If you already have a gaming account, bettors will not be able to register for another account. This is the general rule that Jun88 has to keep fair and transparent for all bettors.

Thus, all information related to account registration at Jun88 has been shared in detail in the above article. Hopefully, it will help newbies be able to participate in betting through the steps according to the instructions. If you encounter any difficulties during the implementation, do not hesitate to contact our customer service department for the earliest response.

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