YouTube has opened up a whole new stream of income for practically the entire world. YouTubers appear to enjoy their lives and encourage others to make this their profession. Creating a YouTube channel is fairly easy. So it is worth aspiring to become a YouTube star.

Creating a YouTube channel is simple enough. However, most channels struggle to generate a sizeable income. You may make some quick money through an endorsement deal, but making money from YouTube, in the long run, requires a high level of understanding of how the platform works.

YouTube is a highly data-intensive application. Be sure to use a fast internet connection like Spectrum Cable Service, so you get to enjoy the optimum video streaming experience.

By reading this blog, you will know exactly what you need to make it big on YouTube. You will learn different ways to make your channel profitable. You will be able to grow your business with the most popular video streaming platform in the world.

Can I Make Money on YouTube?

The simple answer is yes. Thousands of YouTubers are making a decent income despite not having a gigantic fan following. YouTube is not just about numbers. Your potential to earn will depend on the niche you have targeted, the engagement level of your channel, and the revenue streams you exploit. This does not mean views and subscribers are not important. However, they are not the only factors to determine the success of your YouTube channel.

Can I Make Money by Uploading Videos on YouTube?

Just uploading videos alone will not generate any income for your YouTube channel. Keep in mind that videos are not monetized by default. You will need to change your account settings to monetize your content. You can also make money through YouTube’s Partner Program or by featuring your content on YouTube Premium.

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How to Make Money From YouTube

Technology has opened up new ways for people to earn money. We are sure you must have fantasized about making money from YouTube. There are many ways to generate an income through YouTube. Most of them are linked to producing quality video content. Here are some typical income streams available on YouTube:

Sign Up for the YouTube Partner Program

It is essential to know about the YouTube partner program if you want to monetize your channel. You can monetize your videos only after you get accepted to the YouTube partner program. So you need to know how this program works.

To become eligible to join this program, your YouTube channel needs to have a thousand subscribers, and your videos need to accumulate 4,000 public views. You will need to achieve these figures before you can hope to generate any income. Once you start your channel, you need to regularly post content so you can fulfill the prerequisite to get your videos monetized.

More views do not necessarily mean more earnings on YouTube. Your viewers also need to click on the ads that are incorporated in your videos for you to earn money. YouTube will pay content publishers only if a viewer clicks an advertisement and watches it entirely.

Get Featured on YouTube Premium

If your videos get featured on YouTube Premium, your channel will earn revenue even without running ads. YouTube Premium is a spin-off of the basic YouTube platform. It is a paid service where members can enjoy watching YouTube videos without any advertisements. You will earn revenue when premium members watch your content.

Revenue collected from premium subscribers is distributed to content creators. Their share of revenue will depend on how many premium members watch their content. Premium members also have the option to download and view videos offline. This will contribute to the viewing time and will, in turn, raise the revenue that your channel generates.

Offer Channel Memberships

YouTube allows channel owners to offer paid memberships once they get 30,000 subscribers. Paying subscribers get some additional benefits over regular subscribers. They get to see new videos earlier than other members. They can also become part of a live chat exclusive to paid subscribers. They will get highlighted in live chat & comments and will receive members-only badges.

People want to attract the attention of the channels they follow on YouTube. Being a regular follower makes this difficult. So offering channel memberships solves this issue. It is a win-win for both channel members as well as channel owners.

Affiliate Product Endorsement

YouTube claims to have over 2 billion users. That is about a quarter of the entire world’s population. So it is a marketer’s paradise. Brands and corporates are always looking for popular YouTube channels that can endorse their products.

Once you make it big as a YouTuber, brands will start reaching out to you to leverage your following. They will ask you to promote their services and products, and you can charge them a fee for doing so. Product placements have become a huge revenue source for popular YouTubers. YouTube channel owners can also opt for affiliate programs associated with big companies like Amazon to expand their reach.

Although product endorsement is a good source of revenue, you will need to strike a balance. Ads are not cool. Most people view them as a nuisance. So as a YouTuber, you will need to be very subtle with your product endorsements to keep your followers engaged.

Live Stream Monetization Through Super Chat

This is another relatively new income stream for YouTubers. Members can purchase certain chat message templates and use them in Super Chat. This allows them to stand out among the throngs of YouTube commenters. Often their comments get pinned to the top of the comments section when a YouTuber is holding a live stream session.

Super Chat monetization starts at $1 and goes up to $500. YouTube takes a 30 percent share of the total revenue generated through Super Chat. If you can do good promotion for your live-stream sessions, there is some serious money to be made from Super Chat. So be sure to create publicity for your upcoming live streams on your website, social media feeds, videos, and other forums where you have an audience.

YouTube Influencer

Influencer marketing has risen tremendously in the age of social media. The big question is to figure out how much you should charge for your effort. YouTube influencer and digital marketing expert Brendan Gahan says influencers should earn a flat charge by considering the average views on their videos and multiplying it by $0.15 for every view.

According to marketing agency WebFX, the expected earnings for YouTube influencers follow this pattern:

  • For 1 million subscribers, $20,000 for each video
  • For 100,000 subscribers, $2,000 for each video
  • For 10,000 subscribers, $200 for each video

If you want to earn more as an influencer, form collaborations with those products and brands that your followers perceive to be valuable. You can look for collaborators on influencer marketing platforms like Grapevine Logic and Channel Pages.

Influencers can make connections with big corporates and brands on these platforms. Brands have the financial muscle to offer influencers huge sums of money and/or free merchandise.

Lead Viewers to Your Products

If you run your own merchandise selling business, you can use YouTube to generate revenue for your business as well as your channel. You can promote your products in your channel videos and descriptions. This will attract more viewers to your channel, so you will get a chance to increase revenue for your business as well as your YouTube channel.

Brick and mortar stores are fast becoming relics of a bygone era. You can now easily create your online store using e-commerce platforms like Shopify. Once you launch your store, you can easily sell your merchandise from the comfort of your home. You can leverage your YouTube channel by promoting your e-store through your videos. Create videos of products that you feel your followers will be interested in and boost your earnings.

Ways to Get Good Views on Your Content

People log in to YouTube to watch content. Content is the lifeblood of this business model. Without content, your channel will be useless. So it is vital to know how to create good content. Here are some ways to create such content:

Make Long Videos

YouTube videos with a length of over 10 minutes will generate more revenue than others. More ads are likely to be placed in such videos, simply because of the video length. Since people spend more time watching long videos, this means they will get exposed to more ads and hence more revenue.

YouTube’s search algorithm also ranks videos based on their length, among other factors. So a long video will appear on top in video searches and hence, will have a better chance of getting viewed. So posting long video content will be more beneficial to your channel.

Form Collaborations With Other YouTubers

Making collaborations with other YouTubers is another way to generate revenue for your channel. This will allow you to get more followers on YouTube. It will also give you opportunities to create unique and engaging content for your channel and open up your content to a new market.

You should know which other channels make videos in your chosen niche. Reach out to those channels to discuss collaboration possibilities. YouTubers are always looking to enlarge their fan base. So they will be more than willing to form such collaborations.

Create Engaging Content

Content is the lifeblood of YouTube or any other social media platform, for that matter. If you don’t create engaging content, your fans will get disillusioned and will stop following your channel.

You can use YouTube analytics to find out which population demographic engages more with your content. This will let you know what type of content to produce. If your videos are more popular among youngsters, you will want to create content targeted toward them so they can relate to your channel.

Use Appropriate Video Descriptions

Video descriptions also help in generating more revenue for your YouTube channel. Descriptions help followers find video content. Most people will decide whether to watch or skip a video based on its description. So pay attention to how you describe your videos.

When writing a description, start by mentioning the obvious elements of your content and then move on to the less important aspects. Give your viewers a reason to watch your content. Try explaining to them how they will benefit by watching your videos. Try to cover some of their pain points in your video descriptions. Most importantly, the tone of your description should resonate with your followers. This will make them comfortable watching your content.

Summing Up

Since YouTube was launched in 2005, it has been entertaining and educating millions of people across the world. Its massive popularity means it is here to stay. You can also start your career as a content creator to generate a decent income.

Becoming a YouTuber has become a viable career option. It is something you can do full time. Make sure you are using a reliable internet connection. Use Spectrum internet to ensure you don’t face any hindrance in uploading your content on YouTube. Contact Spectrum billing to purchase your desired internet plan now.

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