Polar fleece fabric is an insulating fabric that is made of polyester. It is soft and has a napped finish. It is a great choice for clothing because it can keep you warm even on the coldest days. It is also very durable and can be easily washed. The best thing about this fabric is that it is hypoallergenic. Below we mention the different types of polar fleece you can get from Alibaba.

Plush fleece

If you’re looking for a durable fabric for your home, look no further than polar fleece. This fabric is ideal for a variety of crafts. Its two sides are fluffier on the inside and smoother on the outside. Despite its appearance, polar fleece is also durable.

This soft fabric has several benefits, including being cheap, versatile, and easy to wash. Its plush side is trendy for blankets and stuffed animals. It is also a thicker type of fleece than microfleece. Because of its greater warmth, retention is a great material for heavy coats and blankets in cold climates. It also resists pilling and is highly breathable.

Sherpa fleece

The double-sided Sherpa fleece has a soft, silky pile on one side and a smooth knit on the other. This texture results from the fabric being crimped and brushed with a wire brush. It is a luxurious throw blanket fabric for faux fur and heated blankets.

The warmth and softness of this fabric are always compared to wool. It is similar in feel and look to natural wool but is far cheaper. This fabric is used in clothing, pet beds, and throw blankets and is extremely breathable. It is also used for jacket linings. The material is an excellent choice for any chilly climate. It is also highly versatile, meaning you can use it for any environment and style.

Care for sherpa fleece requires special attention when washing it. You should wash it with cold water on a gentle cycle. Remember to turn it inside out before washing it. Use a microfiber laundry bag to help prevent the fabric from stretching out while washing. Avoid using fabric softeners or machine-washing if possible. Also, do not wash it in the same wash as other dark-colored fabrics. This is because sherpa fabrics are susceptible to static electricity.

Bonded fleece

A bonded fleece is a fleece that has been bonded to another fabric, such as a waterproof coat fabric. It doesn’t have as much softness as other types of fleece, but it is a great choice for colder climates. You’ve probably seen the bonded thread in a windproof jacket or plaid shirt. You can also use it for casual apparel, such as t-shirts and shorts. It’s soft enough to use for a light outer layer on a cold day.

This fabric combines two types of polar fleece with a laminating machine. It can be purchased in different colors and sold by the meter. The downside to a bonded fabric is that it’s more challenging to wash. However, its versatility makes it a perfect choice for various applications, including bedding, carpets, coats, vests, and much more.

One of the most popular types of fleece is polar fleece, which is made from polyester and resembles sheep’s wool. It retains its insulating qualities even when it’s wet. It’s an excellent choice for winter clothing because it’s lightweight, durable, and soft.


Polar fleece has many uses in industry.  You can buy these fabrics from online retailers like Alibaba. Just check their collection. You will love it.

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