Slots are considered as the best game in the 12play casino due to its high entertainment value and lucrative payouts. However, this casino game also has the highest casino advantage out of all the games being offered in the casino.

The house edge is a tool to help the players know if a specific slot game has better odds that in turn could provide them winnings. Read on to find out the relationship between the house edge and slot games.

What is the casino advantage?

The casino advantage or house edge is a theoretical advantage of the casino over the player in a specific game. Every game in the casino has its own house edge percentage including slots.

While the house edge tells how much the player could lose in a game, the RTP or return-to-player tells how much the player could gain. Both of these factors could determine if the slot game is beneficial to be played or not.

What quantifies the house edge in slots?

The house edge of specific slot games can be calculated based on the odds that are given. The truth is, it is impossible to determine the exact percentage of a house edge. The reason is that an essential element is needed in order to do it, which are the odds of each winning combination.

Why do slots offer different house edge percentages in casinos?

Slot games are available in both land-based and online casinos. The house edge of specific games vary from casino to casino. With that being said, the standards of Las Vegas could be different in Macau casinos. The house advantage in the casino is depending on the percentage of the payout the casino offers to the customers.

What is the slot game that has the highest house edge?

The house edge of common slot games vary from 5% to 17%, depending on the variants and quality of payouts. When it comes to specific slot game types, the progressive slot has the highest percentage of house edge in the casino.

Progressive slots are known for having the greatest amount of jackpot rewards which makes it the most profitable slot game. Although, the catch is that the house edge on this game is relatively huge which makes the odds of winning less.

High volatility slots usually also have a high house edge percentage which also means that the odds of winning are also low.

How does volatility affect the house edge in slot games?

The relationship between the house edge and volatility in the slot is also essential. The volatility or variance is a game metric that determines how frequent a game can produce payouts. High volatility means huge payouts but rare. Meanwhile, low volatility means small payouts that can be received often.

The relationship between house edge and volatility is not that complicated. High volatility slots usually offer higher amounts of payout but their occurrence is rare and poses a huge risk on the bettor.

As for the low volatility slots, they are frequent when it comes to providing payouts but at a low amount. Low volatility slots typically have a lower house edge and can provide the players with better odds.

The bottom line

Slots is the most popular game in the casino whether it is land-based or online. While slots offer a huge payout and high entertainment value, the chances of winning in one are very low.

In order to get ahead and reach your goals, you need to determine first the basic game metrics of the product such as RTP rating, volatility and house advantage. By knowing this information, it will help you avoid games that are not worth playing.

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