Offer 789bet deployed year-round in the form of various promotional events to bring customers valuable gifts full of surprises. Just make good use of gifts from the system, you absolutely have the opportunity to change your life with no capital. To grasp all the offers being applied by this unit, gamers please follow the general information below.

Summary of offers 789bet is being implemented

789bet is Asia’s No. 1 prestigious betting brand trusted by the gaming community. In addition to the perfect quality of products and services, the bookie also knows how to please customers through a super promotion system:

Recharge to play games and receive great rewards

Just making deposit transactions, members have the opportunity to receive bonuses from the house, especially newcomers. Let’s take a look at some 789bet offer  Notably, members receive when they top up:

  • New members who make their first deposit will be rewarded by the system with a maximum value of up to 28,789,000 VND.
  • Successfully participating in sending points and completing only 1 round of the game, members will receive gifts worth up to 16,789,000 VND.
  • Extra 5% bonus when customers make a deposit on Sunday.
  • The program to accumulate points during the week brings a maximum bonus of VND 688,000 for customers.

 789bet offer  for successful points deposit transactions

Offer 789bet bet insurance for each product

Bet insurance is a promotion that receives the attention of many players. Because whether they win or lose, members have super valuable gifts to bring home every day:

  • The insurance of losing the game explosion applies a refund of up to 7%, equivalent to a bonus of VND 21,888,000.
  • Join to conquer and shoot fish with winning and losing insurance with a value of up to 18,789,000 VND.
  • Insurance money when experiencing card game 789bet has a maximum limit of 31,789,000 VND.
  • With the sports category, you never run out of money when you join 789bet offer  with a maximum loss insurance bonus of 16,789 points.
  • The gift customers receive when losing the casino is regulated up to 12,789,000 VND.

Besides, the bookie also applies many other valuable promotions such as: Weekly revenue bonus, lucky bet ticket incentive, … Join any product, please refer to the offer. incentives to increase their profits.

Special promotional events from 789bet

Offer 789bet held year-round with thousands of rewards for customers. In addition to the above programs, participating in the betting experience here, you also receive the following unique gifts:

  • Receive super gifts on 3 regular days of the month 06 – 16 – 26.
  • Super cashback offer applies for 3 golden days 18 – 19 – 20 monthly.
  • Take attendance to play the game every day to receive the ultimate reward from the system.
  • Super cashback program without betting round up to 1.5%.
  • Combo gift for customer gratitude includes 1 helmet and 1 high-quality T-shirt.
  • Deploying birthday gifts for members with bonus value up to 28,888 points.

download 2 1

Unique gift events from the brand 789bet

How to register to receive promotions from the bookie 789bet

Offer  789bet offer customers super attractive rewards. To participate in receiving gifts from the house, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Log in to your account and learn about the promotions being applied by the playground.
  • Step 2: You choose for yourself a suitable promotional event to register to receive gifts.
  • Step 3: Complete quickly and fully all regulations required by the house to receive the bonus successfully.
  • Step 4: When you want to withdraw the bonus, you must ensure that you have completed all the betting rounds.

What should be noted to receive the 789bet promotion bonus successfully?

Offer 789bet constantly updated and adjusted to increase the attractiveness and attract customers. To receive a lot of gifts from the house, you need to note a few things:

  • Each customer is only allowed to use one main account to participate in receiving rewards from the system.
  • Members need to ensure that they fulfill all the conditions and requirements of the promotion in order to successfully add money.
  • The bookie reserves the right to change the content or end it 789bet offer at any time without notice to the player.
  • If there is a mistake in the process of receiving the promotion, the issuer will take appropriate action depending on the severity or lightness.
  • In case you have any questions about the 789bet gift, please contact the customer service department for answers.

download 3 1

Important note to always receive successful gifts from 789bet

Just join the game every day, you have the opportunity to receive a lot of rewards ưu đãi 789bet. The house always brings valuable bonus gifts, creating great motivation for customers to participate in entertainment every day. Gamers take advantage of these promotional events to increase their income.

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