The international e-commerce market continues to expand, and Amazon plays a critical role in driving this growth by enabling sellers to offer their products globally. With hundreds of millions of active customer accounts, over 150 million Prime members, and billions in sales by third-party Selling Partners during events like Prime Day or Black Friday, Amazon provides an exceptional platform to reach a global audience. Currently, Amazon features more than 16 marketplaces, giving you the potential to access hundreds of millions of customers worldwide through Amazon Global Selling.

Amazon Global Selling Unveiled:

Amazon Global Selling serves as a conduit for sellers to list and sell their products in any of Amazon’s marketplaces across the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Europe. Sellers can replicate their active listings to other supporting marketplaces, provided the requirements of the target marketplace, such as VAT and related documents, are met.

The Benefits of Going Global:

Imagine expanding your US-based business to sell not just on, but globally in markets like the EU, MENA, and APAC. Going global signifies not only reaching hundreds of millions of new customers but also the potential for a significant increase in sales. With Amazon Global Selling, you can utilize Amazon’s extensive infrastructure to showcase your products to a worldwide audience.

Growth Opportunities Awaiting:

When you’re ready to elevate your business, use Amazon Global Selling to list and sell your products across Amazon’s online stores in North America, Europe, and Asia. Here are some significant benefits you can capitalize on:

  1. Reach: Accelerate your international sales using Amazon’s global brand. With over 200 million paid Prime members globally, you can tap into Amazon’s vast customer base using their cutting-edge international logistics capabilities.
  2. Growth: Diversify your sales and offset low sales periods by exploiting peak seasons in other countries.
  3. Expansion: Marketplaces like Europe, MENA, and Asia-Pacific can offer higher sales opportunities during peak seasons and other major local events.
  4. Be a Pioneer: Be among the first to expand to emerging marketplaces like the Middle East, Singapore, Turkey, and Brazil.

Getting Started with Amazon Global Selling:

Amazon offers an array of tools and services to simplify all aspects of selling internationally. With the Build International Listings tool (BIL), you can add multiple offers to additional marketplaces and synchronize pricing. BIL also automatically manages pricing offers across marketplaces for you based on the rules you set.

Roadmap to Global Success:

  1. Deciding What and Where to Sell: Grasp the opportunities that selling internationally on Amazon presents. Understand what’s required—including taxes and regulations—and strategic considerations for entering a new marketplace.
  2. Register and List Your Products: Use Amazon tools to manage seller accounts globally and manage your listings across marketplaces. Translate your listings, if necessary, as per the local language specific to each marketplace.
  3. Shipping and Fulfillment: Amazon fulfilment services help you deliver products to customers worldwide. Understand what’s involved in shipping and fulfilling in different countries, including costs, times, and requirements.
  4. Manage Your Business: Amazon can handle customer support and local country returns, or you can choose to manage everything yourself. Amazon also facilitates payments in your preferred currency, and using their tools and recommendations, you can grow your international sales and scale your business globally.


Amazon Global Selling unveils a multitude of opportunities to go global and gain international visibility for your listings. However, global expansion should not be taken lightly. The potential rewards are significant, but it’s essential to understand the specific factors and requirements involved. Independent analysis and thorough research should always be part of your decision-making process as you explore cross-listing products internationally. Take advantage of Amazon’s extensive reach and resources, but always make informed, strategic decisions that best serve your business’s long-term growth.

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