There is no need to convince anyone that reading books brings a person invaluable benefits. Why then are so few people interested in such a useful and developing activity? Only 10% of us read more than 7 books a year. In order to encourage everyone to read, here are 8 reasons why you should read books every day.

  1. Reading builds character

By reading books, whether artistic, social or psychological, we form our character, regardless of age. Evaluating the positive and negative qualities of the heroes, the morality of behavior, we compare the actions of the heroes with our own conscience. The vicissitudes of book characters repeatedly very well reflect our everyday life. This means that we are much more inclined to think about the decisions that we have already made or that are in front of us.

  1. Reading expands the resource of vocabulary

The more books you read, the more you learn and remember new words. The new repertoire will remain in your inner dictionary forever. This contributes to the achievement of life success – both in private and professional life. New words stimulate thinking processes, which directly affects real actions and expressions of thoughts and feelings.

  1. Reading improves memory

Reading stimulates the imagination to create videos and images. New knowledge is combined with what is already there. Reading strengthens the “memory muscles”, just as lifting weights develops the muscles of a bodybuilder. With each new information, the brain creates new synapses, improves the work of existing ones and slows down the process of their death. Because of this, you have a much better chance of retaining a better memory than people who watch TV shows.

  1. Readers are more inclined to express their opinion and participate in public life

A study conducted by NEA (an American agency) shows that people who read regularly adapt much more easily in society. They have greater ease and freedom of speech, and express their thoughts and positions much more eloquently. This means new opportunities. Also, reading increases self-esteem and makes the chances of success in life more real.

  1. Reading books reduces stress and improves mood

When you read, your world moves to another place, so you don’t feel the difficulties of everyday life against this background. While reading, all the shortcomings of everyday life fade into oblivion. A 2009 study found that reading for a few minutes a day can reduce stress hormones by as much as 70%. Thanks to this, your well-being and quality of sleep improves.

  1. Reading helps to develop analytical thinking

Have you ever managed to read a novel and independently predict its ending while reading? If so, it means that the motion books have strengthened your analytical thinking and imagination skills. The more you read, the more you are able to see. Also, thanks to reading, we analyze any information better, and it is easier for us to build logical chains. Reading is a kind of brainstorming.

  1. Readers remember and learn new disciplines faster

Books convey many valuable messages to us, as well as interesting facts from various areas of life and science. This means that we are becoming wiser and more intelligent. We look at the world from a broader perspective, which makes us much more objective and allows us to distance ourselves from problems. While reading, our brain works as a player to visualize the passages we read. Thanks to this procedure, memory is improved. We are able to store information and memories quickly and much longer.

  1. Reading can save you from Alzheimer’s disease

Research in PNAS (American Journal of Science) showed that the probability of diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease among people who read regularly is two and a half times lower. This does not mean that reading will help prevent the disease, however, such an intellectual activity as reading has a significant positive effect on brain cells.

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