Many consumers are aware of the advantages of buying conflict free diamonds. The benefits of conflict free diamonds include: being ethically sourced, being traceable, and reducing water use. These features can make a difference when choosing a stone for your engagement ring. Read on to learn more about the benefits of buying conflict free diamonds from a Brisbane diamond supplier. You may even be able to buy a diamond ring if you already have one.

Support local economies

Many ethical jewelers are moving away from the conflict-free and Kimberley processes. These terms were created to promote the blood diamonds industry without addressing the evil practices of diamond mining communities. The Kimberley Process and conflict-free diamonds have been widely used in marketing for decades, but have not provided the support necessary to protect the communities affected by diamond mining. This is the case today. In addition to promoting conflict-free diamonds, ethical jewelers also want to support local economies.

Although the Kimberley Process is widely recognized as a successful certification system, there are several problems with it. For one, diamonds certified under the Kimberley Process do not necessarily come from conflict-free areas. In fact, some conflict-free diamonds are still entering the global market from countries that signed up to the process. Also, because the diamond certificates are still based on paper, they are vulnerable to tampering, loss, and forgery.

Ethically sourced

Conflict-free diamonds are the only type of jewelry that does not involve human rights violations and terrorism. Moreover, conflict-free diamonds are mined in areas free from terrorism. Moreover, the mining process must not have resulted in the deaths of any individual or bloody issue. Similarly, proper diamond mining does not involve enslavement or torture. The UN also cites the Ivory Coast as one of the countries where diamonds are being illegally traded.

Conflict-free marketing is not a new concept. Since diamonds have such a high value, it is easy for them to be smuggled. In addition, diamond mining exploits the lives of the poor. People in the area who were previously unemployed had no choice but to seek employment opportunities in this mine. Eventually, the diamond industry used these underprivileged individuals as slaves and forced them into labor. Conflict-free diamonds are now sourced from lab-grown diamonds.

Reduces water usage

One way to buy a clean conscience and reduce water usage is to buy conflict-free diamonds. These stones are made in countries that have strong environmental and labor standards. Countries like Botswana, which is home to conflict-free diamonds, have a long tradition of ethical labor. There are also stories of underage workers who were injured in small pits. Communities near conflict-free diamond mines were forced to move, and some civilians were killed in wars fueled by the diamond trade.

While the Kimberley Process is popular in the diamond industry, it does not prevent conflict-free diamonds from being mined. This is because small-scale diamond miners have not changed their practices since the release of the 2006 film, Blood Diamond. The Kimberley Process, the international certification system for diamonds, is inadequate, and does not take into account environmental, human rights, and child labor. In addition, diamonds certified as conflict-free often come from mines that use illegal methods.

Conflict diamond mining industry

Anna-Mieke Anderson, CEO of MiaDonna, is a passionate advocate for ethical and conflict free diamonds. Her mission is to provide consumers with beautiful, ethical diamonds and support the freedom of children oppressed by the conflict diamond mining industry. In addition to ethical diamonds, MiaDonna produces pieces of jewelry from recycled metals, such as sterling silver. Anderson explains the science behind lab-grown diamonds and the differences between mined and lab-grown diamonds.

As a result, MiaDonna diamonds are more beautiful than their mined counterparts. Lab-grown diamonds are harder and more brilliant than mined diamonds, and MiaDonna’s precious recycled metals are the highest quality. Additionally, the company gives back 10% of its net profits to help the environment and people affected by mining in developing countries. Moreover, its customers are advocates for the diamond-mining communities and contribute to the restoration of these areas.

A quality stone

James Allen does not disclose its diamond sources. Instead, it does business with Canada Mark Diamonds, a company that provides diamonds with the highest quality and is environmentally friendly. If you’re looking for a quality stone without a huge price tag, consider lab created diamonds from James Allen. The company claims that these diamonds are conflict free and ethically sourced. Plus, you can find them on their website for much less money than you might expect.


When it comes to sourcing their diamonds, James Allen uses only certified diamonds from conflict-free regions. Their diamonds have a CanadaMark certification, meaning that they were not mined or treated in any way. Additionally, the diamonds have a unique ID number that allows James Allen to trace the diamond’s origins. James Allen’s diamond specialists handpick diamonds from conflict-free mines to ensure their authenticity.

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